Virtualization and Cloud Services

Cloud & Virtualization Services

Cutting down on the amount of servers you use is the first step to achieving an energy-efficient, highly efficient IT environment. Why use multiple servers if you can consolidate down to a few virtual machines? That’s the power that virtualization brings. With On Site’s virtualization services, solutions, and expertise, you can optimize your current server resources and drive the performance you need.

By combining forces with IBM and leveraging IBM-based IT infrastructure solutions, On Site has the ability to help you virtualize:

Cloud Services

As the cloud becomes even more pervasive, getting started on the right path can become even more daunting. However, On Site cuts down on complexity and can help you deliver the cloud you’ve always envisioned. That also means helping you achieve specific security requirements in the cloud, configuring a self-hosted or private cloud, or improving performing by running analytics.

We can assist in several critical areas, including deployment, migration, and adding cloud hosted services to your current installed server solution.

Our cloud services (including Microsoft Cloud service) also extend into:
Microsoft Office 365
Unified Communications (UC)

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