Blackberry’s new Management Capabilities Heat Up Competition

For years, BlackBerry has fallen behind iOS and Android in the race for the best and most amazing smartphone device and Operating System (OS). RIM, however, is setting out to change that by delivering game-changing software to BlackBerry devices. Building off of successful migrations to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10), the company is preparing to become even more competitive in 2014 with the eventual release of BES12.

Under former CEO Thorsten Heins, RIM decided that their strategy in the mobile device battlefield needed to change. The company then altered their tactics, moving their focus from the hardware sector of the market (which was ruled by the iPhone) to instead concentrate on improving software. RIM’s BES10 OS caught the attention of many mobile key players and gave organizations easy access to a BYOD strategy.

RIM’s BES10 introduced a new line of BYOD-friendly management software that comes pre-installed on devices. BlackBerry continues to encourage companies that still lack suitable MDM platforms to move to BES10. EZ Pass, a new program for 2014, will provide free migration to BES10.

The BES10 built-in software allows companies to operate separate, secure corporate applications that store company data separate from personal employee data. Organizations with BES10 can ensure that corporate data and intellectual property is always protected. BES5 can even be employed to manage BlackBerry’s older generation of devices, which ensures consistent implementations company-wide.

BlackBerry’s new BES12 software will unify BES10 and BES5 and provide seamless enterprise mobility management to all BlackBerry devices with a more complete user experience for iOS and Android devices on the corporate network.

BES12 also extends beyond Enterprise Mobility Management by providing a highly productive end-user experience through an application-based environment and ecosystem. This will allow organizations to more quickly develop and deploy new services to mobile devices. BES12 software will help organizations manage a wider variety of handsets, all with the goal of providing a superior end-user experience. The new BES12 will have the following core capabilities:

  • Backwards Compatible and Future Proof  Technologies
  • Enhanced Multi-Platform Support—for iOS, Android
  • Advanced Service Management
  • Cloud and Mobile Connectivity
  • Access to Mobile Apps
  • Streamlined Upgrades via EZ Pass Software